The Few and Cursed

Created by Felipe Cagno

Welcome to The Few and Cursed online store! The Few and Cursed is a comic book series set in a world ravaged by the disappearance of nearly 90% of the water on the whole planet. It's been seventy years and mankind has learned to survive - barely. The problem is their survival sometimes involves curses and deals with the Devil and that's where she comes in. Redhead is a Curse Chaser going from town to town balancing the scales...

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Help the Lost Kids unlock a Commemorative Coin and add it to your collection \o/
about 1 month ago – Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 11:15:41 PM


Hi everyone!

I apologize for the shameless plug but we really need some hardcore help from you Few and Cursed fans to unlock the Ultimate Stretch Goal on the Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand Kickstarter.


I can't stress enough how The Lost Kids is a dear project to me. It was my first graphic novel and the project that kickstarted my career in comics. The Redhead would never come to be if it wasn't for this adventurous group of rascals trying to find their way home.

We've done two collectible coins now for The Few and Cursed - the second to be mailed out with TFAC#5 rewards - and I'd love to celebrate the Lost Kids by minting a replica of the coin featured in the books as well.

This coin will be a replica of a silver dollar from the Old West. It's already being minted as I ready the fulfillment for TFAC #5 Kickstarter =)
This coin will be a replica of a silver dollar from the Old West. It's already being minted as I ready the fulfillment for TFAC #5 Kickstarter =)


You can also check out the 3D rendering by hitting this link:

We have done cards and coins and it's just really rewarding and humbling to be able to manufacture those items through your backing and support. Thank you so much for sticking with me and my journey through the world of indie comics.

The Lost Kids is a project I'm really proud of and I hope I can continue playing in that sandbox. Click the Kickstarter link and come check it out. I promise you won't regret it and you'll find the same hard work and quality of The Few and Cursed (plus a lot of extras with every pledge!)


Thanks so much!!


The Few and Cursed board game production is complete! The Lost Kids unlocks lucky Stretch Goal #7! Previews, previews and more previews inside!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 12:06:19 AM


Hiya there everyone!

I know many of you are curious and excited about the upcoming The Few and Cursed Board Game and I wanted to share some of the finished artwork for it =)

Also please allow me to quickly intro my latest graphic novel on Kickstarter:



We have a little bit over a week left on the Kickstarter and we've been unlocking Stretch Goals left and right, it's been really exciting! We've unlocked a couple of collectible cards, upgrades to the books and the collectible SNES game box #2 which will feature brand new artwork by Danusko Campos one more time \o/

You can check out the layout/inks for the piece below:


If you are into a good ol' fashioned treasure-hunting adventure set in a fantasy steampunk world then this is the book for you. Please come check it out, we are offering both volumes of the full story in a combo plus a lot of goodies to come with every package sent in the mail.


That's right, my friends! Production on the board game has pretty much wrapped and we will be hitting Kickstarter very very soon.

Rock Manor Games, Fabiano and myself couldn't be more thrilled. The game looks and plays fantastic and features artwork by some of the most talented artists working in comics today. Below you'll find a few of the cards and the full game board.

I hope you like it!


It is with immense gratitude that I share these with you. The game has only become possible because of your support in the first place so thank you so much!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below, let me know what you guys think of this very special preview and I hope you all jump into our post-apocalyptic world and play around in it.

All the best!


Issue #5 now available in Digital format plus TFAC board game previews!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 10:52:08 PM


Hi everyone!

I wanted to reach out for a few announcements to catch you all up with everything I've been doing ever since I wrapped up fulfillment for TFAC#4.

First up is the exciting announcement that Issue #5 is complete and has gone off to print. 

Those that missed the Kickstarter and would like to continue The Crows of Mana'Olana storyline asap can choose to download a digital copy of the book right away by clicking the link below:

---> <---

That's also the link to our Online Store for pre-orders to be mailed out along with the fulfillment for The Few and Cursed #5.


If you are looking for anything TFAC, if you missed some Kickstarters along the way or would like to get prints, cards or back issues, that's the place you want to check.

Secondly I wanted to share some of the artwork and designs for the upcoming The Few and Cursed board game by Rock Manor Games which will launch on Kickstarter very VERY soon.


We're working on over 100 new cards and artwork for the deck-building game where players will get to play as their favorite characters from the series!

You will be able to chase, hunt and collect curses, monsters and treasures as you explore the wasteland of The Few and Cursed!


A lot of the artists that have done work for the comics are featured on the game like Will Conrad, Clonerh Kimura, Luke Ross, Gilberto Martimiano Jr., Caio Cacau & many others!

Which brings me to my third and final announcement since a number of these artist are also involved with:



The Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand Volume 2 - an epic and adventurous throwback to classic RPGs and Goonies - funded on day 1 in less than five hours and we are now working towards our fourth Stretch Goal already. That means the more pledges we get the better the rewards!

This is the second and final volume of the series meaning you can just dive right in without missing a beat and read the full story of the five kids that mysteriously travel to a fantasy world populated by steampunk airships and magic.

Please consider jumping titles and checking out this project. It means the world to me when I see backers from the Old West exploring a new universe.

Plus the more Stretch Goals we unlock the better rewards we get, so what about it, want to give this one a chance too?

New cards, new coins, new prints!


That's it for today and I will see you all as soon as we're ready to launch The Few and Cursed board game.

Thanks, folks!


FULFILLMENT IS NOW COMPLETE!!! Please read for missing or damaged items and TFAC #5 =)
3 months ago – Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 10:51:01 PM


Folks, we did it!

I'm absolutely ecstatic to announce that fulfillment for The Few and Cursed #4 Kickstarter is now 100% complete! Here are some of the stats:

800 packages shipped + 34 mailing tubes with posters

24 backers have not completed their Surveys and won't get their stuff until they do so.

Over $8,000 spent on shipping (that's always an impressive figure as USPS prices continue to raise...)

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for the massive support and understanding throughout this whole experience. Sorry for all the delays and problems but it's quite a relief to see you all getting your rewards and being so happy with them.

I also wanted to acknowledge Mama Cagno's help because without it I'd never been able to get this done so big kudos to her!


Please verify if all your items have arrived. It was a hectic logistics nightmare to get these many packages out the door with so many different builds. Mistakes happen and I'm pretty sure one or more backers might notice an item missing.

I also continue to perfect my shipping methods and even though I think I got to a pretty standard already damages might have occurred under the care of USPS.

In either case please E-MAIL ME at You have to e-mail me instead of messaging me here on Kickstarter so I can queue you up for a replacement or secondary package. In case of damaged goods I will also need photos of the damage.

I won't be around until early May but I'm more than happy to do right by you and see you all 100% satisfied with your TFAC Kickstarter experience.



I know a number of you were waiting to get your TFAC#4 comics before jumping on the next issue's bandwagon and I sincerely hope now is the perfect time to finally get back to the series. 

Please hit the link below to find our online store with issue #5 and all the other exclusive items to be manufactured as a result of the Kickstarter campaign:

The Kickstarter exclusive edition won't be available for pre-orders but if you'd like to add it to your order just let me know by either replying this update or e-mailing me at I want to make sure past backers have a fair chance at it regardless of my delays and mixups. 

Thanks so much for believing in the Redhead and sticking with me, I look forward to continuing her adventures with you all \o/

All the best!


Wave 1, about 50-60% of the packages, has been shipped! Here's the upcoming info on Wave 2, PLEASE READ, thanks!
4 months ago – Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 10:06:58 PM

Hello folks!

I'm sorry for being AWOL for a couple of days, I was pretty much detoxing and recouping the body after shipping about 450 packages before boarding a flight back to Brazil on Saturday. It was a crazy couple of days but I'm happy I got to ship that many rewards \o/

I also wanted to acknowledge Momma Cagno's huge help! She was a real trooper and if it wasn't for her I sure wouldn't have shipped nearly as half as I did, big shout out to her!

If you are among those 450 backers that have packages on the way please make sure you got all the items correctly when they arrive and if there is anything wrong or missing do not hesitate to shoot me an e-mail at I try to respond as fast as possible and if any replacements are necessary they will be shipped along Wave 2.

I do need you all to contact me through e-mail so it's easier for me to keep track of our conversations and to-do list.


That's right, I got another plane ticket already and I'm flying to the US to wrap this up as quickly as possible.

Shipping should move along rather quickly now since all items are signed and ready to go. I wish I could make it back to Florida earlier but that is the best I could do. As always I apologize for the extensive delay and I ask just a little bit more patience and understanding, we're almost through this =)

To backers that have gotten their packages already and have left comments praising the books, coin, cards and other rewards, thank you all so much! It's the best feeling in the world knowing I've delivered and you guys are happy with the work!

All the best!